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Pauline the Poster !

For those competitors to Canada, (and even those Canadians competing against study destinations in Quebec), a poster of Premier Pauline proudly proclaiming her new Charter of Values is a must for any waiting room of prospective international students and their parents. What a fabulous marketing tool to combat Canada’s positive image and real advantages as a great place to study !

Pauline the Poster !

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EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS – YOU’RE LIKELY BREAKING THE LAW ……. Commentary from Cathryn Sawicki, Immigration and Citizenship Law(0)

Any educational institution, private or public, that assists int’l students with their immigration documentation is likely breaking the law.

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by Mel Broitman

Canada makes a mess of it.
Canada makes a mess of it.(3)

There is nothing like spending a week talking to students in India’s Punjab to bring a focus to what a mess Canada has made in a market that has spilled over to international recruiting around the globe.

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by Dani Zaretsky

A wrong turn for Canada’s Study Permit system?
A wrong turn for Canada’s Study Permit system?(0)

Having called for increased vigilance over fraud in the Study Permit system for years, I applaud the recent objectives of the Canadian government. Requiring greater accountability is great. But in mixing immigration and education, the Government is enabling the exact formula which has led to most of the fraud and abuse.

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Casualties caught in the crossfire.(0)

Strange refusals, returned applications, frustrated students and institutions – the strike of Canada’s foreign diplomats made the summer ’13 a very memorable one, unfortunately. We’d like to hear your experiences. Write to us.

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Dubai disappoints at GETEX 2013.
Dubai disappoints at GETEX 2013.(0)

Despite Dubai’s rebounding economy, the 2013 edition of the GETEX education fair was a disappointment.

Honeymoon + Ambulance = Bangladesh.
Honeymoon + Ambulance = Bangladesh.(0)

It wasn’t at all an emergency, but my bride and I started out our honeymoon in an ambulance. Only in Bangladesh !

Back story: Fraud in Punjab board exams.
Back story: Fraud in Punjab board exams.(0)

Forty examination centres have been shuttered, teachers suspended, and frauds caught impersonating test takers. But the clean up of Punjab high school exams cheating needs to go back to first grade.

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Island of Lost Luggage
Island of Lost Luggage(0)

If you are a frequent traveller as most international student recruiters are, you either have your stories of lost luggage or you travel in anxiety of gathering them.

Trakdot has now come up with what it proposes to remedy both dimensions.

According to its website, a small tracking device is inserted into the luggage and cellularly connected to send messages to your mobile phone as to the location of the luggage:

Trakdot™ employs newly patented micro-electronics and ground-based cellular telephone technologies to track and report its position on the ground even while inside metal containers, such as cars, hardened suitcases, and parked aircraft.

Whether the cost of the device (about $50), activation ($9), and annual subscription fee ($13) is worthwhile, might depend on your travel frequency, or perhaps as much, your lost luggage history, or anxiety.

Trakdot is a new service so it’s reliability has yet to pass a baseline of experience. But for the frequent traveller, it is a service that one ought to keep in mind.

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Recruiting in India?

Great context as Radio Canada International covers student recruitment challenges in India.

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada extensively explores good practices for recruitment in India.

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