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Wednesday, October 30th, 2002

Issue 2.32 October 30, 2002






Universities and colleges serious about student recruitment in some of Asia’s most active markets are going to have to do it the “hard” way. This according to a survey of the UK based Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) of the world’s most “hardship” cities for expatriates to live in.

Not surprisingly, many cities which present good opportunities are among the toughest to work in. Of the 130 cities listed, Karachi (Pakistan) ranks 129th, Dhaka (Bangladesh) 128th, New Delhi (India) 121st, Jakarta (Indonesia) 119th and Beijing (China) 78th.

Higher-Edge has its own offices and staff in all of these cities and assists clients with all facets of recruitment; school visits, public presentations, academic collaborations, document verification, and of course sight-seeing. EIU ranked Melbourne, Australia as the number one city, and Vancouver, B.C. as number two.


Lagos-based Vanguard newspaper reports that Ambrose Alli State University in Edo Nigeria recently expelled 270 students when it was discovered they had used falsified high school credentials to gain admission to the university. The investigation was the result of eight previous student expulsions involving fake high school diplomas. How the students obtained the bogus documents has not yet been determined.

The faculty of public administration expelled the largest number of students (31) followed by the faculty of electrical engineering, which reported 21 expulsions. The faculty of business administration gave 16 students their farewell.

Higher-Edge met with David C. Dix, Commercial/Economic Counsellor at the Canadian High Commission in Nigeria, in February of this year. Mr. Dix told Higher-Edge that the Nigerian educational sector had incredible potential, and high- lighted Canada’s excellent reputation in Nigeria and Cana- da’s Commonwealth status as cards that play very well there.

The spectre of fraudulent misrepresentation as illustrated above, however, shadows the great potential of Nigeria as a student recruitment market. A potential solution to this, ac- cording to Dix, is a greater emphasis on the importance of screening applicants, as a few bad cases can readily destroy the accomplishments of hard work and investment. Verification and rigorous follow-up with student candidates should also be on the list of priorities.

For more information on the Nigerian education market, contact David C. Dix at


For institutions looking to either venture to Bangladesh for the first time, or follow up on the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT)’s recent education fair, visitors to Bangladesh will soon again be able to pick up visas upon arrival at Dhaka’s Zia International Airport.

In May of this year, “O&O” reported that Bangladesh was no longer providing entry visas at its international airport in response to what it felt was a misrepresentation in Far Eastern Economic Review’s cover story, which portrayed Bangladesh as a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism.

“We will soon lift restrictions as there has been an 11% decline in visits to Bangladesh by foreigners,” said Tourism Minister Mir Mohammad Nasiruddin.


In the aftermath of the tragic bombing in Bali, Indonesia – Australia has cancelled an education exhibition in Malaysia. Malaysia is one of Australia’s most important markets for student recruitment, and the decision to cancel is a very strong message about the current uneasiness. The Associated Press reports that there have been 40 anti-Islamic attacks in Sydney alone since the October 12 blasts, as a backlash against Muslims in Australia continues. New South Wales state police commissioner Ken Moroney called the actions “offensive, ignorant and arrogant.”

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