Features of organizing an office move

In most cases, an office move by using https://www.flashmoving.net/ is an event that can significantly improve working conditions. But any move is a rather peculiar procedure, which is comparable in scope to a real city trip; during which you can meet both sorrows and joys.

Difficulties in office relocation are always associated with the transportation of various amounts of fragile and expensive items, furniture and office equipment. Therefore, you should always remember that an office move is an event that affects not only your organization, but also the entire public communications network. In this case, it is impossible to do without an elevator, without using the territories adjacent to the building and city highways. A big city allows you to move painlessly only if it is carried out according to the rules of the metropolis.

Messy office environment, archives.

Sometimes the scale of an office move requires all sorts of approvals, with many important authorities: with building security services, technical control services, internal affairs and traffic safety authorities (not always the passage of trucks, it is allowed on any city street) and so on. Any move – the metropolis perceives differently. And the larger its scale (moving), the more various obstacles – you can meet on your way. Our goal is to eliminate these obstacles, even before they arise. That is, we, as a company engaged in the professional organization of office relocations, must think through everything in advance to the smallest detail: the route, escort, disabling the alarm (if necessary), the presence of a communications engineer inside buildings, etc.

Features of the preparatory activities largely depend on the scale of the office move.

Relocation of small offices (up to 10 workplaces) and its features:

Calculation of the cost of the service – can be made at the time of a telephone conversation;
Moving is carried out within 4 – 6 hours, at the designated time;
Payment is made upon completion of work.

Relocation of a medium office (up to 120 workplaces) and its features:

For its implementation, weekends or holidays are required;
Freight transport operates several flights; Several teams were involved in the move. At each address, people work separately: for loading, loading and packaging.
Medium-sized move – can take several days and requires partial prepayment.

Relocation of a large office with more than 120 jobs, and its features:

A large volume of traffic requires more careful preparation. In the case when such a move must be completed in a short time, it is necessary to take into account the capacity of city streets, traffic intensity, etc. Such a move, if necessary, can be carried out not only during the day, but throughout the day. The schedule of transportation of departments and marking of property are at the same time in the area of special attention.