What could be better after a tiring day of moving with than to crawl into a cozy bed. Packing bedding is a quick and easy process. However, be sure to use our tips to avoid the tedious search for your favorite blanket or pillow before going to bed:

Save the bedding for last. Why? First, you will probably still need it before the day of the move. Second, small bedding, such as pillows, can be used as container filler for fragile items or other items that can move around in cartons.
Choose the right package sizes. Bedding tends to be light, but items such as duvets or some pillows can be quite bulky at times. Use medium sized boxes for things like sheets and throws, but be sure to use larger boxes for bulkier and puffier items. Regardless of the size of the box you take, it’s a good idea to line it with wrapping paper to protect your linen from moisture and potential stains. You can also use plastic bags

Family with cardboard boxes after moving into new house

if you then put the plastic bag in the shipping box.
Label everything. Don’t just write “pillows” on the box – be specific. Use descriptive phrases such as “master bedroom pillows”, “children’s bedroom pillows” or “living room pillows” so that you or professional movers place them where needed for easy and quick access to these items when needed.
Save space and fill it with bedding. As with clothing, be sure to flatten the bedding as the boxes fill to remove air pockets and make the most of the space. At the same time, in the process, make sure not to overload the boxes. Also, use smaller items like throw pillows or sheets to fill the space inside other boxes. This way you keep things safe and save money on unnecessary packing materials.