Do you need to move your office or decide to move to a new apartment? Then you definitely cannot do without the services of a reliable transport company. Despite the abundance of companies on the market that provide services of this kind, it is very difficult to find really worthwhile assistants.

It often happens that “buying” for spectacular leaflets and bright advertising, the customer actually remains dissatisfied with the level of service. In this article, we will tell you what exactly you should pay attention to when choosing a mover.

Problems that may arise

When choosing a transport company, you should never discount the human factor. According to experts, the main problems due to which customers are disappointed in their choice include:

The inattentive attitude of the manager of the company. Due to the inability to work with the customer or the unwillingness to spend extra time asking questions, cars arrive at the wrong address or at the wrong time, loaders do not take with them the tools necessary for a particular unloading, and so on.
On order, a car arrives that does not have the appropriate load capacity. As a result, either all things do not fit in the car, and you need to make another walk, or the car is too big. In both cases, you will have to pay extra.
Employees of the company are trying to make the price higher than it was stated in the advertisement.
The route of the car is not thought out, and as a result, delivery times are disrupted due to the fault of the mover.

What is important to consider when choosing a transport company

1) Try to ignore advertising. Choose a company based on real reviews. The best way to tell about the company’s activities are letters of thanks. They can be presented on the site in the form of scanned copies.

2) Familiarize yourself with the mover’s fleet. This information should be publicly available so that each customer can choose a car according to their requirements.

3) The level of the company is noticeable literally from the first call. Pay attention to the manner in which the manager communicates with you, how interested he is in you as a potential client, and how confidently he answers all questions. For comparison, call several organizations, and the difference will be noticeable to you immediately.

4) The representative of the company is obliged to understand all the intricacies of the transportation of goods. If you are interested, for example, how exactly the route is laid or what options exist for loading oversized cargo, you must definitely explain everything in detail.