How to transport large items

Let’s talk more about furniture and household appliances.


Disassembled furniture is easier and safer to transport. Most of it can be sorted out in advance so as not to do it on the last evening. If you can’t disassemble the furniture yourself, also hire craftsmen to do this in advance.

All fittings – bolts, nuts, handles, etc. – and put the keys to the furniture in separate bags: one bag – one piece of furniture. Be sure to sign them. All containers are best stored in one place. If the handles are not removable, wrap them in cling film or bubble wrap. Fix fixed doors with masking tape.

Wrap large parts of furniture with bubble wrap, otherwise the surface will be damaged during transportation. Reinforce the corners with cardboard. Wrap sofas and armchairs with a thick cloth, cover with a film on top and fix everything with tape. The same goes for mattresses.

Two young handsome smiling movers wearing uniforms are unloading the van full of boxes. House move, mover service.


It is better to transport household appliances in factory boxes. Cover the load with styrofoam or a soft cloth to secure it. The refrigerator should not have loose shelves, especially glass ones. Wrap all removable items separately in bubble wrap and place in a box. Secure all doors securely so that they do not open.

Follow the rules for transporting household appliances:

Choose the shortest route, where there are no traffic jams. If you are moving to another city, stop every 30 minutes and check the condition of the cargo.
Do not connect the equipment immediately after transportation, let it stand for several hours.
Transport equipment vertically – the way it usually stands in an apartment.